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General Care & Repair 

As the Karun brand; Karun Kiraç has always aimed and applied the highest standarts in materials and workmanship in design since his first workshop in the Grand Bazaar, which he established under his own name. 

Request Care & Repair Service 

First of all, we are very glad that you have chosen the Karun brand.

Care and repair services, we will provide for the Karun product you have purchased:

  • Arrange the size of the product,
  • Cleaning and polishing product,
  • Changing the existing colour of the product with rhodium plating technique,
  • Skin change in leather products if the skin is worn.

For your other request and questions regarding the services we provide; You can get support from Karun Jewellery Expert Sales Representative by calling +90 212 227 74 76 

Karun Jewellery

Mücevherlerde ki titizlikle yaratılan tasarımlar hem sizin hemde yaşam alanlarınızda ruhunuzu yansıtan stilinize uygun objelerle birleşiyor. Karun’un herkese hitap eden eşsiz parçaların olduğu geniş dünyasına davetlisiniz.

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