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History of Jewellery

Jewellery requires that precious metals can be worked with fine work, precious gemstones be shaped and polished, framed with an installer or drilled to make arrays. 

In the stone age, the first gem used by human beings was a coloured seashell that was passed into a slider of animal skin. As the ages passed, and as man found new mines, they continued to make the various ornaments. Therefore, jewellery has a history as old as human history.

While the first examples of jewellery that constantly attracted the attention of people were made of stone, bone, seashell and ivory, with the begining of metalworking, bronze, silver and especially gold jewellery became more intense. 

It has been observed that other than gold, semi-precious coloured stones began to be used in ancient Greek jewellery. The first bracelets, necklaces earrings and crowns were made with emeralds and other coloured stones imported from Egypt and the jewellery took its first form. 

Until the 20th century the jewellery was encountered in different ways, caught up Art Deco movement in the 20th century with the effect of the 1st World War. 

The jewellery group that was at its peak in the early 1940s is cocktail jewellery. The most striking part of the cocktail jewellery made of rose and yellow gold reflecting the Retro features with its three- dimensional figurative effects, which are an extension of the Art Deco style; It is the combination of citrine, aquamarine, amethyst and moonstone as well as precious stones such as ruby and sapphire in successfull combinations.

The transformation of jewellery production into an important sector, the increase of organizations providing education in jewellery design and encouragement of new lines caused the jewellery art to spread all over the World. 

The search for different materials of the new generation which embraces the values and excellence of handicraft, once again questioned the concepts of precious, semi- precious and metal in jewellery. New materials such as meteroid, nobium, palladium were blended with traditional materials such as gold, platinum and diamond and used to express the artist’s individual tastes. This attitude has still continued until today and has gained a completely different dimension with technological developments.

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