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Who is Karun Kiraç?

Karun Kiraç is one of the few names in jewellery design in our country, born in 1976. The Kiraç family, who designed unique jewels to the Sultans during the Ottoman period, branded their jewellery art with the 5th generation Karun Kiraç under the name Karun Jewellery.

Karun Kiraç started to learn moneymaking in the Grand Bazaar in his childhood. By learning different techniques from a few different masters, he prepared the infrastructure of his designer identity for his long journey from his youth. 

After completing his military service he went to America and started to work for World brands. When he returned, his first job was to open a store in Istanbul Grand Bazaar. Karun Kiraç went to Belgium to get a gemology (stone science) diploma and add a new dimension to his work. He is known for using coloured stones, which are called ‘semi – precious‘ in his designs. Karun Kiraç who uses a variety of colourful stones from amethyst to tourmaline, sapphire to ruby in his designs, places great emphasis on taking part in every stage of his designs with his team. 

Known for his jewellery design, Karun Kiraç’s designs include rosary and object collections. Various objects such as rosaries, gun boxes, knives, daggers, seals and oilcan can be personally designed, as well as these and similar products in his current collection. Kiraç, who reflects the meticulousness and unique designs he shows to jewellery on objects and parfumes, establishes the Karun Home brand in Nişantaşı. Under the Karun Home brand, it has signed home decoration with design and luxury products. 

Karun Jewellery

Mücevherlerde ki titizlikle yaratılan tasarımlar hem sizin hemde yaşam alanlarınızda ruhunuzu yansıtan stilinize uygun objelerle birleşiyor. Karun’un herkese hitap eden eşsiz parçaların olduğu geniş dünyasına davetlisiniz.

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