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Who is Karun Kiraç?



Karun Kiraç ,who is the last generation of the family that is one of the  leading jewellery masters during The Ottoman Empire, has started to help at his relatives’ jewellery shop in Kapalıçarşı when he was 13 years old.  He has participated at all aspects of jewellery sector in order to learn each details and delicacy  of jewellery sector. He has chosen “Transfixing” part of the jewellery art. After his military service, he went to United States to work in order to observe different aspects, to meet new point of views and to improve himself more.   In order to improve himself at crafts , he has attended international seminars  and succeeded to get “Gemologist” title. He returned to his own country in order to establish his own shop. After 2 years, he returned to Turkey to  open his own workshop at Köseoğlu Han in Covered Bazaar that has been the center of jewellery sector during the Ottoman Empire. He created jewellery for famous international companies in Geneve. In order to activate his continous innovative point of view and privileged designs, he established in 2007 his shop with his own name “KARUN” in Nişantaşı which is the center of fashion and is the popular district visited by top level society. Brand name’s popularity  has been increased  by high preference of the targeted local individuals as well as worldwide VIPS.

Private parties effected especially for him abroad, international jewellery fairs where famous worldwide companies attend and international prizes increased the “Karun” brand more and more.